Not A Second To Waste

& it starts, sometime around Midnight

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actual german compound nouns:
Staubsauger (vaccuum cleaner, literally “DUST SUCKER”)
Vorhang (curtain, literally “HANGS IN FRONT”)
Wasserkocher (kettle, literally “WATER BOILER”)

I smile every time I remember German birth control pills are called “antibabypillen”. Though in the interest of fairness, “fireplace”.

Man it is all about the glühbirne (glowing pear: lightbulb), the luftkissenschiff (air cushion ship: hovercraft), and the Reißverschluss (rising closer: zip).

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3tno asked: I love how everyone says "make biscuits." I just call it snurgling or kneading. ;w; my baby Charlie used to do it non-stop I miss him so much.


I’ve always just called it “kneading,” too; I had actually never heard anyone call it “making biscuits” until recently.  It’s super cute no matter what you call it, though!